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Ludwig von Mises Institute in Latvia

Latvia's Ludwig von Mises Institute was founded to raise awareness in Latvia of economic processes and the basic principles of free-market economics according to the Austrian school.

Though built on ideas developed earlier, notably classical liberalism, the term Austrian economics is used because three Austrians, Carl Menger (1840–1921), Friedrich von Wieser (1851–1926) and Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk (1851-1914), first elaborated this school of thought. Ludwig von Mises (1881 – 1973) was an eminent Austrian economist, arguably one of the 20th century's most influential. He was a prolific author and philosopher who published 29 books and over 250 scholarly articles.

Like its namesake, Latvia's Ludwig von Mises Institute promotes liberty, sound money, the defense of market economics and private property and peaceful cooperation between individuals and societies. Human choice is at the center of all activity including economic activity. A free-market economy based on private property, free competition, honesty and abiding by contracts relies on freedom of choice and is essential to achieving a prosperous and socially healthy society. Through education, the Institute works to promote a freer and more prosperous Latvia.

Latvian translations of two books by Austrian school economists are freely available on this website: Birokrātija [Bureaucracy] by Ludwig von Mises (also for sale in print form) and Cilvēks, ekonomija un valsts [Man, Economy and State] by Murray Rothbard. Print publication of Rothbard’s book is planned for a later date. The Institute will translate more books and articles by Austrian economists, publish original articles, set up a blog and organize essay competitions. We invite all those interested in contributing to the Institute’s development or supporting our translation and publication work to contact us at info@mises.lv.

Latvia's Ludwig von Mises Institute

Subjektīvā pielietojuma-vērtība ne vienmēr ir balstīta uz patieso objektīvo pielietojuma-vērtību. Pastāv lietas, kurām subjektīvā pielietojuma-vērtība ir pievienota tādēļ, ka cilvēki dziļi tic, ka lietām ir spējas radīt viņiem vēlamo efektu. No otras puses, pastāv lietas, kuras ir spējīgas radīt vēlamo efektu, kam nav pievienota nekāda pielietojuma-vērtība, taču cilvēki vienākši nezina par šo faktu.

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