Our Contributors

Contributors to the Institute include:

Aleksandrs Vilnis Lauriņš – Mr. Lauriņš, founding director of the Institute, is in charge of project development. An entrepreneur and supporter of free enterprise for most of his life, he is passionate about raising the level of awareness and understanding of free market economics in Latvia by making the ideas and writings of free market economists available in the Latvian language.

Laima Madara Lauriņa – Ms. Lauriņa creates audio versions for the Institute’s Latvian translations of books by Austrian school economists.  She is currently working on Man, Economy and State by Murray Rothbard.

Zoe Iranzo Lauriņa – Ms. Iranzo Lauriņa subtitles English-language videos and creates original educational videos for the Institute’s YouTube channel.  She also created a Latvian language version of Irwin Schiff’s graphic novel about econom